101 Acts of Random Kindness for Christmas and Anytime.

  1. prepare a meal for a homeless person
  2. smile :)
  3. call your mother to tell her you love her
  4. write a handwritten note
  5. knit a beanie or blanket for a homeless person
  6. put change in the washer/dryer for the next person
  7. fill an expired or about to expire parking meter
  8. leave some extra money in the vending machine
  9. buy a little extra grocery for the local food bank
  10. plant a tree
  11. send your favorite grade school teacher flowers
  12. write a thank you letter to your parents
  13. pay the toll for the person behind you
  14. tape a nice saying or thought to a bus window
  15. instead of just thinking it, compliment someone
  16. give a sad looking stranger a happy music cd
  17. ask someone “how are you?” mean it. and listen.
  18. make some baked goods for your neighbor(s)
  19. hug your loved ones for no particular reason
  20. make breakfast for your partner or housemate
  21. call someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  22. give someone a flower …or a dozen
  23. offer someone else your seat on the bus/train
  24. visit a senior center or nursing home
  25. say “thank you” for the otherwise routine, mundane
  26. pick up trash
  27. donate one of your favorite possessions
  28. give someone a fruit basket
  29. collect clothes to take to a local shelter
  30. stop to have a conversation with a homeless person
  31. give an inspiring book to a struggling friend
  32. leave your favorite book in a public place with a note
  33. donate books to your local library
  34. visit an animal shelter
  35. volunteer at a soup kitchen
  36. build a home with Habitat for Humanity
  37. mentor local youth
  38. pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru
  39. buy dessert for someone eating out alone
  40. pick up the tab for a random table at a restaurant
  41. put $10 on a random gas pump
  42. buy flowers for the cashier at the grocery store
  43. visit an orphanage with some goodies
  44. prepare a “to-go” breakfast for the morning mailman
  45. mail a friend some cupcakes
  46. send anonymous flowers to your office receptionist
  47. buy an extra umbrella on a rainy day
  48. give your waiter or waitress a huge tip
  49. tape an anonymous joke to your boss’ monitor
  50. send a nice card to a family member, just because
  51. don’t lose any opportunity to say: i love you
  52. leave a funny or kind note in an unexpected place
  53. invite a non-local friend over for dinner with your family
  54. read to a child
  55. rake someone’s yard
  56. be a courteous driver
  57. hold the elevator
  58. visit a lemonade stand
  59. recycle
  60. offer someone an unexpected tip
  61. set up a free lemonade stand on a hot day
  62. take some soup or hot chocolate to a homeless person
  63. leave a collection of positive news clippings in a waiting room
  64. practice patience
  65. refrain from gossiping; speak well of others
  66. act as if the glass were half full
  67. turn off a leaky faucet
  68. let someone get ahead of you in line
  69. listen intently
  70. prepare a nutritious sack lunch for a homeless person
  71. babysit for a single parent
  72. wave a “honk if you like to smile” poster at a street intersection
  73. be bold in your appreciation of life around you
  74. create an inspired piece of art and gift it to someone
  75. give a lottery ticket to a stranger
  76. compliment a stranger sincerely
  77. run an errand for someone
  78. give something awesome away on craigslist
  79. leave some extra stamps at the post office
  80. send a friend an old photo and recall that time
  81. send a random person in the phone book a small gift
  82. send your sibling a small gift anonymously
  83. donate an hour of your professional services
  84. invite someone who is alone over for dinner
  85. leave chocolate for your co-worker
  86. spend time with the elderly
  87. share your secret recipe with a friend
  88. write a letter of appreciation
  89. introduce yourself to someone you always see around
  90. anonymously send a friend in need some cash
  91. throw kids in your neighborhood a pizza party
  92. tape some change to a payphone
  93. put up anonymous, lovely post-it notes for strangers to find
  94. donate blood
  95. cook dinner for a busy parent
  96. give a little one a lollipop
  97. make time
  98. speak gently
  99. laugh heartily
  100. share your last bit
  101. one time, stop everything to help someone else