Take a Risk this Week!

Part I of this blog from last week is on my website at - http://stevemarshallassociates.com/steves-blog/ - "How Do You Lead People into the Space Between?"

Part II

What if you used your certainty about the skills that you have, to take a risk and get off track into that space between? What if instead of building a network, you built a community?

You can create a community to explore solutions wherever you are. Creating a community doesn’t mean that you’re asking for consensus. The real beauty of this comes from sharing unique perspectives and interpretations.

I facilitate meetings to bring people together into “communities” – even though it is under the stated banner of teambuilding within organizations and businesses. I see people coming into these meetings, dreading that they will be holding hands and singing, “Kumbaya,” and instead, I set the scene by describing it as a community? Then, I invite everyone in that “community” to share their opinion.

I encourage everyone in the “community” to test each idea or opinion by actively playing ‘devil’s advocate’ in order to surface the challenges so that they can be addressed?

We don’t often think of building communities when we face challenges from people, or when they don’t share our opinions. But, in creating a sense of community, you’ve lead them into the space between where they can cross boundaries.

Reduce the judgment factor

Notice what happens when people share their views. You need them to share facts to support their opinions. Often though, I have noticed that, their facts become generalizations when they state their cause.

When you start listening to yourself and others, it’s easy to hear how those tiny generalizations in fact become judgments.

If you are judging, you are not open to learning. You reduce your capacity to adapt. You reduce your resilience.

So, this week as a leader of taking people into the space between; create communities everywhere, be amazed by something you didn’t know before and challenge judgments.

Be Inspired!