Whose Job is Fundraising in Your Organization?

The short answer is ""Everyone!" The longer answer involves taking a closer look at your organization and seeing if it is truly a place where everyone can be a fundraiser. Take a look at the below checklist and see if it is reflective of the culture of your shop:

The 10 hallmarks of an institution with a Culture of Philanthropy are:

  1. The mission of the institution is compelling and unique and is regularly integrated into institutional events, speeches, and other activities
  2. Employees are passionate and exemplify extraordinary commitment to the institution
  3. Board members use the pronoun “we” and “us” instead of “you” or “they”
  4. Donors have relationships with multiple employees and administrators
  5. The input from donors is valued as much as their money – there are formal and informal ways in which the institution regularly asks donors, “We’d like your advice on. . .”
  6. Advancement officers are evaluated not only on dollars committed by donors, but also on activity that leads to increased donor engagement
  7. The advancement budget is seen as an investment – as opposed to an expense – by the leaders of the institution
  8. Donor stewardship efforts – saying “thank you” publicly – are regularly integrated with all institutional activities and events
  9. Each employee sees herself as an “advancement officer,” and encourages others to join in the work of the institution
  10. Board members recognize the need to attract more people of influence, affluence, and generosity to the Board and regularly introduce new Board member prospects to the CEO/president.

A Culture of Philanthropy is open to the ideas and perspectives of others.  It supports inviting others to participate in and help define the institution’s future.   It says, “We want your input because we value your experiences and perspectives.”  And when your institution regularly and consistently expresses that culture, people, employees and donors included, respond to their highest capacity.

Steve Marshall