leadership Coordination™

Most leaders significantly underestimate the impact they have on their business. We know positive change from you means positive change for all. In this program, we help you understand what’s working, and support your growth for everyone’s benefit.

We help you move forward in three primary areas:

  1. Improving your leadership performance by building on your personal strengths and abilities
  2. Enabling productive teamwork that results in achieving company goals
  3. Understanding how to create an effective and efficient environment for you and others

To help you improve in these areas, we first sit down with you for an initial discussion about what you want to achieve. We jointly uncover the challenges, what you see happening with your team, and what obstacles are in your way to achieving your goals. From this discussion, we help you create a plan and determine the results you most want from our work together. This program requires only a three-month commitment; after that, we can alter or stop at any time.

The program includes 360-degree feedback from your peers, managers, and team; strengths and value assessments; personalized content, books, and study recommendations; and unlimited individual coaching and mentoring. (Unlimited ends up being about an hour a week for most executive leaders)

This program gives you a chance to confide in a trusted, knowledgeable confidante, and receive ongoing support to achieve key personal and organizational goals. You won’t be asked to change who you are, yet you may decide to change your behaviors for the good of your team, business, and yourself.

What you can expect to get:

  • Stronger abilities to help your team do their best work
  • A deeper sense of satisfaction and increased capacity to do your job
  • An ability to deal with situations that occur during the program, and development of capacity to deal with similar situations in the future
  • An enhanced personal sense of purpose
  • Better results from your team for your company

Please contact us to see if this program is right for your organization. We are committed to doing what’s best for our clients’ success, and our exploratory conversations are always free.