Organizational Change & Transformation

We start by meeting with you to understand your business needs and determine which program or blend of programs will best help you reach your goals. We also help you determine what success looks like for you and your organization and how we can jointly measure it.

We often create customized programs to meet clients’ unique needs, yet here are a few standard options to get you started:

complimentary consultation

We’re happy to spend an hour with you discussing your organization’s goals and challenges and exploring how we can help. If you're interested, please connect with us via phone or email, and we'll set up a time to talk.

leader assessment

Team effectiveness can almost always be enhanced by positive changes in the team leader’s behavior. But where to start? This one-day assessment provides an honest, constructive evaluation. We use the Talent Insights, and the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Inventory analytical tools and individual team interviews to reveal strengths and challenges, then debrief to create a workable improvement plan.

picturing the future™

We can help your organization decide what’s most important and articulate a shared vision that pulls you forward into the future. The result is not a dusty vision statement. It’s a compelling destination that will guide every person in your organization every day. This program includes pre-work with company leadership and key stakeholders, one full day of facilitation for up to 10 people, and a complete report on discoveries, with recommendations and next steps. We also offer an additional, optional day of work with staff to turn the strategic guidance into tactical goals and action plans.

goal-focused teambuilding™

Is your team doing well, yet there’s enough friction and lost opportunities that you believe it could be better? This program is a multi-day event designed to increase your team’s effectiveness by creating an enhanced sense of joint purpose and accountability. It helps your entire team commit to the most critical goals for the business, along with the higher level of teamwork needed to make it happen.

Strategic Planning

Most strategic planning begins with a well-intentioned desire to provide clarity and alignment to the organization’s efforts over time. And sadly, many strategic plans end up gathering dust on a shelf while people struggle with what’s happening day-to-day. When strategic planning is successful, it is through ownership.  Being part of the process of creating the plan harnesses people’s passion and commitment to making it come to reality. We provide the processes, tools, and environment for your leaders and team to create the future they need and want.

Leadership Coordination

Many leaders underestimate the impact they have on their business. In this three-month minimum program, we help you understand what’s working and support your growth for everyone’s benefit.  We help you move forward in three primary areas: 1. building on personal strengths and abilities; 2. enabling productive teamwork to achieve company goals; and 3. understanding how to create an effective environment for you and others.