goal-Focused teambuilding™

Is your team doing well, yet there’s enough friction and lost opportunities that you believe it could be better? This program is a multi-day event designed to increase your team’s effectiveness by creating an enhanced sense of joint purpose and accountability. It helps your entire team commit to the most critical goals for the business, along with the higher level of teamwork needed to make it happen.

We believe there are no lasting individual victories in a team, and in order to get all your team members working together, they have to know and commit to where they’re going. We designed this program to help you overcome the Five Dysfunctions of a Team - as developed by Patrick Lencioni - and create the following positive outcomes:

  1. Deep, vulnerable trust
  2. Healthy conflict
  3. Commitment to joint goals
  4. Holding each other accountable
  5. Excellent results

We start by holding confidential discussions with each team member. We then customize the workshop and exercises to help you gain joint clarity around common goals, and interact more effectively with team members. We follow up twice or three times within 90 days to ensure new habits and performance can be maintained. This program requires only a three-month commitment; after that, we jointly decide whether or not continued support would be beneficial.

Examples of outcomes resulting from this program include each person realizing we cannot win unless we all win, team members being more willing to do things that aren’t in their job descriptions; teams working together in more creative ways; decisions being made more easily; the team holding a spirit of winning together; team members trusting each other; leaders valuing honest input; people respecting each other’s strengths and values and seeing them as complimentary; people feeling taken care of; results being achieved; and an attitude of “How can we?” replacing one of “Why should we?”

What you can expect to get

  • Clarity and agreement by the around the most important goals in the business
  • Increased commitment of team members to work together
  • Areas to focus leadership to help the team improve
  • Tools and skills to stay on track when you face challenges to your team's new way of operating

This program includes pre-work with company leadership and team members, two to three full days of facilitation for up to 10 people, and a complete report on the discoveries with recommendations and next steps.

Please contact us to see if this program is right for your organization. We are committed to doing what’s best for our clients’ success, and our exploratory conversations are always free.