strategic planning

Most strategic planning begins with a well-intentioned desire to provide clarity and alignment to the organization’s efforts over time. And sadly, many strategic plans end up gathering dust on a shelf while people struggle with what’s happening day-to-day. When strategic planning is successful, it is through ownership.  Being part of the process of creating the plan harnesses people’s passion and commitment to making it come to reality. We provide the processes, tools, and environment for your leaders and team to create the future they need and want.

Each team and situation is different, so we don’t have a set process we squeeze you and your people into. Instead, we start by helping you define the outcomes you most need from the process, then collaboratively design a customized process to get you there as quickly and painlessly as possible. Some components we often include in the process include:

  • Picturing the Future – helps everyone involved collectively discern what’s most important for future success
  • Goal-Focused Teambuilding – strengthens the leadership team’s ability to trust each other with healthy conflict so we can get to a real commitment of what needs happen in the plan
  • Facilitated discussions with key stakeholders – allows you to know what their real needs are while strengthening relationships and joint purpose
  • Executive leadership coaching – supports senior leadership as a thinking partner through the wrinkles and kinks that occur on the way to a strategic plan

Whether you and your team are investing 3 days or 18 months in the process, our goal is to provide just enough structure and support to maximize your team’s ownership of the plan while minimizing the time spent creating it.

What you can expect to get

  • Clear success criteria your organization can use to navigate the challenges ahead
  • Joint and individual understanding of where the organization needs to go and what’s next
  • Full commitment by people involved that positively infects the rest of the organization
  • Support that strengthens leaders in their roles and builds stronger teams
  • Organizational self-confidence to adjust the plan as needed to adapt to emerging realities

This program includes work with organization leadership and key stakeholders, through facilitated meetings, hands-on work sessions, and stakeholder interactive feedback sessions.  Typical team sizes range from 5-15 for the central leadership team, and usually involves larger groups for coordination and feedback.

Optionally we offer additional support managing all the steps and coordination required to complete the strategic plan, as well as professional writing, editing, and communication expertise to help make your message as clear, concise, and powerful as needed for your organization.

Please contact us to see if this program is right for your organization. We are committed to doing what’s best for our clients’ success, and our exploratory conversations are always free.